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                                      7-10英国杜伦大学Tooraj Jamasb教授:Energy Systems Integration: Economics of a "Network of Networks"


                                        报告地点:主楼6楼 报告人: Tooraj Jamasb  (Chair Professor  in Energy Economics at Durham University Business School,UK)

                                        报告题目:Energy Systems Integration: Economics of a "Network of Networks"


                                        Energy Systems Integration (ESI) is an emerging paradigm emanating from a whole system perspective of the energy sector. It is based on a holistic view in which the main energy carriers are integrated to achieve horizontal synergies and efficiencies at all levels. The energy system may in turn integrate with other infrastructure sectors such as water, transport, and telecommunications to meet the demand for a broad range of energy and essential services. It also implies that energy security, sustainability, and equity objectives can be balanced more effectively. There is already progress in the technical aspects of ESI. However, such systems require not only physical solutions but they also need economic, regulatory, and policy frameworks to ensure efficient performance over time. Thus, it is important to better understand the economic features of integrated energy systems. To our knowledge this aspect is barely addressed in the literature on ESI. This paper does not attempt to survey the technical literature on the topic but to describe some of its relevant economic features. We discuss selected aspects that relate to industrial organisation, regulation, business economics, and technology. Finally, we offer some early considerations and policy recommendations.


                                        Professor Jamasb is Chair in Energy Economics at Durham University Business School and Co-Director of Durham Energy Institute (DEI). He has previously held a post as SIRE Chair in Energy Economics, Heriot-Watt University and was Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge. He is a Research Associate at Energy Policy Research Group (University of Cambridge); Centre for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); and Oviedo Efficiency Group (University of Oviedo). He is a member of the academic advisory panel of the Northern Ireland Utility Regulator (UREGNI). Professor Jamasb has participated on research and consulting projects for the Council of European Energy Regulators, several European energy regulators, energy companies, Ofgem, Department of Energy and Climate Change, and The World Bank. He is co-editor of the inter-disciplinary books The Future of Electricity Demand: Customers, Citizens and Loads, 2011; Delivering a Low-Carbon Electricity System, 2008; and Future Electricity Technologies and Systems, 2006; all published by Cambridge University Press. He has published over 200 papers in international journals including Nature Energy, The Energy Journal, Energy Economics, etc. In addition, he is an Associate Editor of the Energy Strategy Reviews Journal.


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